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me amazing roommate


I haven't done this for awhile many too long while and now I think I need to start doing what I used love doing which is writing

Do you know what it means to be 30 but still feel like you are a kid? Today I feel the need to share how it feels to be living with your parents at the age of 30 because it is difficult for me that made me wonder do other people feel the same as me? and as I am trying to be a better me, this is an issue I need to improve on.

With the intention of being a good daughter I decided to come back home and stay, to care for them without knowing what I have put myself into :)

It is like having a roommate who is annoying but who you can't ignore unlike if it is your roommate, you can either kick them out or move houses.

They are some one who you have to accept and love for who they really are,
That they make me think how they must have felt when they had me as their new 'roommate' ,  how I use to whine and cry and how they can't get r…