Thursday, 19 December 2013

Give me strength

It make me wonder if i stay would it been better... I did what i did because of them and yet this heart keep on breakiNG.... I KNOW i am not good enough.. .. I tried i failed and i keep on trying but it is never good enough... I see others smiling and genuinely treasuring what they have... Why can't we be like that ? Only He knows what goes through my mind and heart... I wish only for 'keluarga bahagia' but i can only smile in jealousy watching others ooo how i wish.... I pray and i pray.... I know all of these is to purify my intention... And SO Allah please make me strong... As i am growing weaker and weaker, almost on the edge of breaking down... Whatever holds in front me i shall be fine as long as You are with me. And so please guide me... Make me strong... Why must this heart complicate things... Lailatulema abbas just do it...

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Mak & E & b'day

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah

For I am still breathing at the age of 27y/o on the 6th of December 2013, I can never thank Him enough for all the things that He has given me, never once He has disowned me although many times I feel otherwise being a weak servant of His.

Finally, my MO years will start here in Batu Pahat district Johor. Another chapter of my life in my search to find true meaning of this life...

There is only two person in my life who thought the real meaning of Love, being foreign to have a lover's love in which I am not actively searching for one as the love I currently has suffice me. And this year I want to be more and more thankful than before in my heart, my act and word and so I am telling this story....

I learnt that love will make you smile and cry,
It is a cure but can also be a poison,
That it is beautiful when you longed for it,
That yes it is true, distance makes the heart grow fonder,
and a mother's love & father's love can never be replaced,
That no matter how grown up you think of yourself you will always be their small child who needs protection and affection.

But, they are also human being,
Who hates being alone,
Who needs all the love in the world could give,
Who loves them and their dark side,
And to know that some day they will leave this world and hope to see their child survive in this cruel world safe and sound

My father is a peculiar and an odd man, a man that I can never manage to understand no matter how hard I try, who is only a human being with many weaknesses that I hope a father wouldn't have but he is MY father, the only man who always put me first before others, who with all his might tries to be the best father he could be (within his own perspective)

My mother showed great courage and patience raising us, taking care of my father that I can never imagine I could achieve. Who has been test with many difficulties since she was born but never she has given up, she always manage to strive through all of the trials and I hope that she will pass this current test as well. ameen.

Mak, E looking back 27 years of my life I am never good enough of a daughter for both of you, full of complains and rudeness, at times I cause you to cry, this year I hope to be a better daughter to both of you because this 2 years of my life I learnt so much about life and death, being old and alone, how sharp can words be especially from the loved one, I hope and I pray that Allah will give the patience to care for you with all my might, although at times I will behave childishly, and I start off by this... I don't think I need to tell a tale of what I have gone through but it is difficult, only Allah's know, and I hope He is looking down on us and will guide us so we can be together in Jannah, the only thing that I ask of Him...

I hope He will give us time to experience 'syurga di dunia' together... ameen ya Rabb
-Alhamdulillah so happy mak dah pakai tudung , how can I be thankful enough o Allah, forgive all of our sins.ameen

Saturday, 26 October 2013

I did it my way

'you did all the dangerous things that I dislike'

... It appears as I have always been a disappointment to him... but this is my way, my way to treasure my life, to feel that I am alive

Alhamdulillah I managed to do wall climbing today and it was amazing and I want to do it again probably being serious about it too!

With a bruise at my right elbow as a proved that I did it ,I went home feeling satisfied to reach my short term goal.

Today I learnt,

.. getting down is much harder than climbing up, this makes me think about those people who committed suicide due to bankruptcy after reaching their highest point in their life and suddenly being hit hard to the lowest point in their life, that must how it feels like. And life is just that, you thought that after reaching/passing the things that you aimed for you are done for but unfortunately you will find another bumpy rides, but you just have to go on, you can't cling on to the present forever

the third climb I was feeling fatigue and trembling, just like how life is, after facing all the challenges you will feel tired, it is for sure, so you just need to take a rest, refill back all the energy you needed and then continue climbing those obstacles just like you have done before

getting hurt along the way is normal, it is the risk that all of us destined to experience but that is what that will make you stronger and a beautiful prove that you did it! with much hardship I succeeded :)

This 6 days of long awaited holiday, I may not be flying high experiencing other people culture and life, but I learnt to know about my current self and manage to set up few goals in my life just to get me back in the game, this 2 years as a HO really has changed me, I hope it is for the better

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Anonymous, P/S I adore you

I have just watched one of the talk show who interviewed one of the celebrity (which I don't know who) and how she mentioned most of her life she was shadowed by the need to have a man to define who she really was...

and I was astonished at how true her words are, most of the women I have met, including those near to me for example my mother feels exactly the same way...

and me without realising this before am thankful for I am at peace for not having any men to over shadow or to define who I am, definitely due to Him and the gift to be able to understand the real meaning of life.

With the opportunity that I get to study in the UK and travel to some part of the world, I must say that it is just how it is any where in this world, I am not saying that it is wrong, certainly it is a bless to find that perfect match and for him to be able to protect and perfect each other BUT

it is also all right to not meet that special person and be happy with what you have...

not to be judgemental towards me for not having any one to hold my hands and walk with me when I am outside.

I learnt that I, naneun,

Love maturity with a brainer,
Looks doesn't matter,
As long you have a sincere and warmth heart,
Treasure life just as much as death,
Love a life with guided freedom,
Look forward for the journey rather than reaching the destination,
Willing to sacrifice for the sake of others although we may ended up hurting each other

til then, I am content with what I have and all I can say is Alhamdulillah

geogjeonghaji maseyo ;)

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Transitional period which bring no changes

Every one expect for a better change in their life, and so do I.
Life is an ever going long journey for the mind,soul and physical,
There will never be an end to it unless He decided that it is the time,
And until then, you shall continue in this journey with all your might,
No matter how tough it gets,
With your very last breath you are suppose to strive and leave the rest to Him.

And with only faith that your heart can be at peace,
Knowing that only Him that matters and life here means nothing more than a play.

Just like how the sun shine, refreshing and brightened up the life, never it fails
Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah,
On the 18th of October 2013 marked my day as an MO, unfortunately I know nothing will change nor be better. Life gets tougher as you go on, so I know I will pull through, but these two years taught me a lot about myself and others.

The extent to people will go to achieve what they believe,
which is a good thing in the beginning but when it is not properly guided and not taking into consideration that we are all human,
It will all falls down.

I am not a better doctor or person at all to be saying all these, furthermore talking about managing human resources as I have the opportunity to manage human per se in a large level but I think I deserve to say this out.

1.Think of us as human, chebal!

I am not just a doctor, I am also a daughter to two patients who need my tender love and care, I am a sister and I am human, who gets tired and deserve a break. Let me break this down...

In France is since 1 July 2002 the legal length of the working week 35 hours in all types of companies. The working day may not exceed 10 hours. The maximum working day may be extended to 12 hours under a collective agreement. In principle, no more than 48 hours a week may be worked. Overtime payments are: 
• 25 % an hour for each of the first eight hours of overtime 
• 50 % extra for each hour after that
Night work performed between 21 hours and 6 hours may not in principle exceed 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week (44 hours if governed by decree or collective agreement). Night work is compensated with weekly rest days or extra pay.

HolidayIn France all workers have a right to paid leave once they have worked at least 1 month during the years. Workers are then entitled to two-and-a-half working days leave for each month worked five weeks of paid leave per year worked. France has 10 public holidays. 


Obviously I am not asking for this amazing law to be implemented here in Malaysia as this law is being implemented after many years of revolution and becoming a developed country, but I am asking that we stop comparing the current system with the old ones which is worst and start thinking ahead and working towards achieving this instead. There is no point to look back, history is to be learnt not to be repeated.

2. Appreciate your good workers

It is a habit in Malaysia, even the culture not to praise or reward those who qualify but if it is a negative thing, the news spread in seconds. How disappointing, when I was in the UK, it is a positive feedback where you will be appreciated for your good things and be criticise in a NON HUMILIATING way by your superior. 

I think I am a good worker! but because of that I was being attacked many times, taking for granted in all possible ways and still I tend to be just the way I am because I believe in this world, what you give you get back. And to my all colleagues who I disregard as not so good workers, I can understand why you act the way you do but please buckle up and get your life straight, deal with your matters, seek help but do not run away and cause other people trouble because the system is all ready a failure and if we, ourself unable to function then it will worsened the current situation and the viscous cycle just continue without failure! 

It will be a better environment if we work as a team and carry the burden together and stop being selfish! This is a reminder especially to myself. 

3. Tolerance and fairness

no point if only one side is putting the effort right?
One thing I learnt is no one in Malaysia, and I meant it!!! NO ONE act like the way they want to be treated be it on the road, the mall ooo the toilet (don't even get me started on that) or at work, all we think is about ourself,

I am the only one that is late!
I know it is a fast lane counter but what the heck other people is doing it too- and there you are with groceries fully loaded in your cart!
Cleanliness??? Doesn't matter it is not my job let the cleaner do them! I pay my income tax

How do you think we are going to survive? Have you been nowhere but Malaysia? How you ever heard of the swiss cheese model theory? Our mind is still too narrow to know how much better it is in the other part of the world. Your heart refuse to study that even if you are a third world country you still can have a mind of a developed country. But here all we do is complaint, not realising that the change begins within ourself (dig about the butterfly effect would you please! ) and it start with the thought that, I would live my life by acting exactly how I want to be treated by others.

Since I am in ED all I heard about is complaints and do you how lame it is? Especially when you act like a time bomb, being reactive rather than proactive. That is pathetic! You only see problems if there is a complaint, if not life goes on, sop or not no one cares. From the lowest of the hierarchy to the top man. I shall not debate on that today as I am too disappointed with our politician.

Prevention is better than cure, this picture is taken at Taroko National Park where you have to use the head gear in case any rocks fall upon you not that it ever happen
In my opinion if we all practice this way of thinking we will be more tolerance and fair to ourself and others. I love all humans, I think it is a blessing that HE created us so differently with the complexity but one true thing remains, we only want good things in our life, so does others.

So please let us change.

-I am at times, getting drifted away in this opportunistic society, forgetting how I dislikes to be treated the way I have been treated, so please remind me, O Allah keep me steadfast in Your way.

4. Dream high , it may just come true

I know this just another crappy notes about a HO who can't cope with the stress bla bla bla, you know what I am now a MO and still I feel the same. So it is not about me being a HO, MO or specialist (coz you can bet, me being me, I will still have a lot to say when I am there :) ) it is about me being a person, His servant in this world, who want a better world to live in, for my future generation. I see this as a problem at all level, the education,company level etc. I am sure this happens everywhere but probably that we talked too much.

So I will start with this dream, that I believe many of my colleagues/friends/ Malaysian who share the same dream will work/crawl/run/jump etc( it doesn't matter) towards achieving it,

Let us make a change,
A change that begins by changing ourself,
Please,smile when I smile at you, because I honestly feels like giving up at times at changing,
And your smile just may give me new hope,

I will stop pointing fingers,
I will just move on,
As this path will bring me to a better me,
As long as I believe in what I believe,
As long as I treat others just how I want to be treated,
Towards a better world for you and for me!

-I am not expecting anything in return, I am just longing for that excitement to come back to work because I love to do what I do, to study because I thirst for knowledge and to love because I want to, and none of this should happen because I have to! I am told life is too short for this, and that is how I learnt about sincerity....

Knowledge, travelling and a man(em that one need an extra effort) 
-I wonder do I talk too much because I study in the UK? Am I wronged on how I think?

you know point no.4 is a very important recipe ;) I think He has granted most of my dreams, Allahu Allah, countless blessings, thank you o Allah. So never look down upon the power of dreaming. All in all, all is good. 

Recent to Taiwan, I just want to be happy :) and this picture makes me happy

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The most amazing women in my life

His test befall upon that soul,
Just as His promise,
She said that word that always make me become speechless,
‘All my life I have been tested but all I can do is be patience.’

Indeed you have me dear beloved,
Only Him and me know how much you have been through,
Since I was little, tears never leave you,
Just as He promise,
He is always testing you,me... us

Again I keep asking why, 
searching for the reason or maybe someone to blame,
But at the end that is not what this test is for,
Life is too short to dwell on why or why not,
It is about finding the meaning in every steps that we take,
Hence, instead of asking why, I should be asking what and how will we get through this,
And we will get through this,
As long as He is with us,
Even if the sky fall upon us,
We will be all right,

O Allah, I think every soul is trying their best to survive in this cruel world, although it may seem wrong, I know you are the Most Merciful and Forgiving, and I know you know our deepest intention on all the action that we have taken. Hence, do forgive my mother and father for all their sins, let all of this test be Your way to show Your Mercy for the hereafter, because if I dwell on the why for this temporary world, it hurt so much, but I keep on thinking for the hereafter and it make me feel at ease, to know that a person can suffer so much here but to be certain that with patience we’ll have a better eternal life.

Do give me strength to be a good daughter for my mother, to be perseverance in taking care of her and to be her eye to see if it may come to be ... naudzubillah. Please grant my wish to bring my mother to Makkah in time. ameen ya Rabb. Please let this be a door for us to a better servant of Yours.ameen 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A thank you note

Allahu Allah,

26 and still breathing, thank you Allah.

I shall not ask for more than what I have now because I know that this soul shall never be satisfied with the worldly things, thus I am praying that what is left of my time here will be used wisely for your sake. Ameen.

That is all I need, I remember 2 years ago I want to instill this sunnah,

“Sangat mengagumkan kepada seorang mukmin, sebab segala keadaannya untuk ia sangat baik, dan tidak mungkin terjadi demikian kecuali bagi seorang mukmin: jika mendapat nikmat ia bersyukur, maka syukur itu sangat baik baginya dan bila menderita kesusahan ia bersabar, maka sabar itu lebih baik baginya.” (Hadis riwayat Muslim)

I am unsure of how I have become this past 2 years, more over being alone, away from the bi'ah solehah I always have known and love. Living in Malaysia is far more challenging that what I have expected; mentally, physically and emotionally. I fall many times and I hope that He shall forgive all the mistakes and sins I have made.

The road ahead seems so hazy and unclear unlike before, this heart remain unsettled as so many obstacles and bumps lay in front of me. I wish for a life of freedom to find peace in my heart and I know in order to attain that it is not easy.

Being 26 is just a number, I still have so many duties left undone, O Allah, my soul feels heavy and the weight I am carrying I feel that it is unbearable... but I have learnt one thing all this time,

that  'Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope' (2:286)

just how I thought I will not be able to survive my 5 years in the UK but I did, with You.

'And put your trust in Allah, and sufficient is Allah as a Wakil (Trustee, or Disposer of affairs).' (3:33)

So I shall continue on this journey with all my might, no matter how heavy and difficult it is, I will try my very best just as long as You are with me.

~The end.

chop!lupa plak,

 to all the beautiful people who put colours and shape in my life, I sincerely thanked all of you. No words can describe what you meant to me. I pray that all of you find peace and always be happy what what you have, no matter how little or big they are and continue to draw beautiful pictures in my life and others. Kamsamida :)


is like an EMPTY canvas

shape by YOU! by CHOOSING the path and journey lay upon you

and know it for sure, you can't make it ALONE, at least your shadow will always befall you

and there will be time that you feels gloomy and lonely

on your journey to reach your dreams upon climbing those mountains

But have faith that you will reach the top and when you get there, you would want to climb another one just because ... LIFE is as it is ! ;)

so be strong, never be let down with what the world has installed for you by HIM.

love n hugssss


p/s... one request, please stop asking when I will get married.penat la nak jawab, straight je doakan, moga cpt dpt jodoh, terima kasih.