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Alhamdulillah segala puji-pujian bagi Allah swt yang memilik hati-hati hambaNya.

Alhamdulillah,hari ni selesai satu paper,EMI. Aku serahkan segalaNya kepadaMu. Moga diberi yang terbaik.

Dalam masa sebulan lalu, sungguh banyak yang ingin Allah perlihatkan kepadaku. Hanya Allah tahu the ups and downs. I couldn't imagined how I get through it all definitely semuanya hasil kekuatan kurniaanNya.

Banyak yang ingin digarapkan,insyaAllah akan dikongsikan kemudian. Esok merupakan paper terakhir untuk kos ku ini, ie written exam, doakan moga Allah permudahkan urusan kami di sini. Sungguh tiada kekuatan tanpaNya, if dah baca semua pun tapi lupa apa guna kan?haha,this morning the last question I do not remember much although I have read them. Alhamdulillah :) am happy that Allah is teaching me the meaning of 'lahawlawala quwwata illah billah'.

Just taking few minutes break from this confusing leukemia conditions to share about get back on your feet when you fall!!! Never lose hope on HIM,…

Kembali kepada fitrah

Mengapa mesti meraih nikmat baru merasa disayangi? Sedangkan ujian itu rahmat tersembunyi untuk menggapai kebahagiaan hakiki. Dan tiada jalan lain melainkan hati menjiwai hakikat diri yakni hakikat kehambaan. Hamba yang hanya menerima,bekerja dan hina di sisiNya. Bekerja untuk bertemu denganNya.

Ar-Rahman-Read in the Name of Allah

Penat tapi perlu teruskan

I am tired,
I couldn't be bothered,
I just want to walk away,
I know I can't,
I have to stay,
And keep my head right,
In this heart breaking fight.

I am lost as I have never been,
Don't let me go,
Never let me give up,
I do believe in faith and miracles ,
And I shall hold on to it no matter what happens.

-otak yg dah penat berfikir , what if ....

I am a women so I am emotional

My blog has turned out to be an expressive tools for me, I do apologize but hey I am a women hence I am emotional and that is why I can't rule the world, I do admit.

My dad,my E has always been a protective father, there were so many rules that I disagree with before but I am thankful for it now. I do still remember,it feels like yesterday...

I was on the primary school, standard 4(ke?ain,help me out i xremumber). We had a school trip to Melaka (hehe,my favorite place in this whole wide world,rinduuuu) and my father did allowed me to go (to my surprise) but... I will be seating in the car with him, while my friends will be in the bus. Can you believe that he did that? Why you must ask,that is because he didnt trust the bus driver, he never did even now.

I remember I cried the whole journey, my friends was laughing at me. I gave my mother and my sister a hard time although it has never been their fault.

:) Now looking back, I have a great father, who always love and care for me more th…

Being sick, stressful and thankful at the same time

Assalamualaikum wbt

All praises be to Allah swt that I have lived my 23 years of life to the fullest, in my opinion that is. I have tried the bad, the good and some bitterness I shall say. Alhamdulillah, on my 23th birthday I spent it with my close friends here in Newcastle as I assumed it would be my last one here before everyone that is close to me return home :( (and I will leave for Middlesbrough next year for my finals,insyaAllah)

MasyaAllah, so many things has happened through out this 23 years of my life... no words shall be able to describe it, no picture can be drawn to reflect the feelings and how each and every single thing that happened has shape me to be who I am now, and for that, I made a resolution this year, to be a good servant of HIM by showing my gratitude all the time.ameen. Being more thankful that I have all ready been,as it is impossible to be thankful enough, for the air that I breath, that I have been breathing!!! For this eyes which I always take for granted,…