I am a women so I am emotional

My blog has turned out to be an expressive tools for me, I do apologize but hey I am a women hence I am emotional and that is why I can't rule the world, I do admit.

My dad,my E has always been a protective father, there were so many rules that I disagree with before but I am thankful for it now. I do still remember,it feels like yesterday...

I was on the primary school, standard 4(ke?ain,help me out i xremumber). We had a school trip to Melaka (hehe,my favorite place in this whole wide world,rinduuuu) and my father did allowed me to go (to my surprise) but... I will be seating in the car with him, while my friends will be in the bus. Can you believe that he did that? Why you must ask,that is because he didnt trust the bus driver, he never did even now.

I remember I cried the whole journey, my friends was laughing at me. I gave my mother and my sister a hard time although it has never been their fault.

:) Now looking back, I have a great father, who always love and care for me more than anything in this world. Who would every day drop me off me to school so early in the morning and pick me back to home while having to wait for me for hours sometime.

And I am missing him

so badly

I hope we can still be together, happy forever

Please don't change

I am being hurt terribly

-from someone who has her heart broken for the 1st time by a man

O Allah,I am not asking for anything more than for YOU to bring him back to YOU.ameen


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