Revert Study Circle, by accident

Alhamdulillah, all praises only due to Allah swt, who is The Creator and also The Protector.

Yesterday I intended to go the study circle held by ISOC. However, I never knew that it is specially for the revert,my beloved new muslim sisters,to help strengthen their faith and knowledge and alhamdulillah, it definitely taught me a lot of things. Not mere knowledge but about my own faith.

I envy them, and in my heart I know I am ashamed of myself.

Being a Muslim for only a month, she was able to speak about her faith in Allah swt, deciding about what is best for her life. Accepting that although she has done her researched for awhile about Islam and that its only now that she has decided to recite the syahadah ,truly is a wake up call for me. I know she will be some one ,some one special in HIS eyes.

What about me?

I was borne a Muslim, in an Islamic country, where every one where hijab, azan was publicly loud 5 times a day and yet, I never learn to APPRECIATE ie being THANKFUL. Was that not all that Allah asks from us?

'Why should Allah punish you if you have thanked (Him) and have believed in Him. And Allah is Ever All-Appreciative (of good), All-Knowing.' (An-Nisa:147)

Being thankful is not hard because you do it for LOVE. Just as you love your mother and you wants to show that you treasure her love,what do you do? You try to be a good daughter, follow what she says, give present during her birthday, say that you love her etc and all of these are an ACTION to show your LOVE and that you APPRECIATE her KINDNESS.

Love just is... learn to love HIM by knowing, searching and looking for HIS KINDNESS ie NIKMAT, like what we have always heard, you will never love until you know (direct translation,haha,is there a better one?do share) and with that HIS POWER will help you to ACT accordingly. And believe what He has said in HIS book, this is fitrah, it is in our heart, each of us, you just need to look for it.

Strange for someone who never have any contact with Islam ,can embraces Islam... but why not, it is in our heart, love just is.... (His love that is)

When the night won't fall and the sun won't rise
and you see the best as you close your eyes
when you reach the top as you bottom out
but you understand what it's all about

nothing's ever what it seems
in your life or in your dreams
it don't make sense,what can you do
so I won't try makin sense of you

love just is... whatever it may be
love just and me
nothing less and nothing more
I don't know what I love you just is


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