The rainbow is appearing

Alhamdulillah All praises is Due to HIM, not every day that passed by without YOUR mercy and bliss although this servant of Yours has not been as thankful.

Alhamdulillah, I think I am facing all of these much better, coping mechanism is coming in together with the strength.

Now, I am having a second thoughts about my trip to Egypt this winter, as I am going alone a lot of people advise me not to, if not what should I do? I plan to visit Aiman and mimi, I have not been a good friend to them, I think this is a perfect timing before I leave this place. Down to London then Cardiff and then I want to go to Austria, Prague, Italy to visit Gaita and Switz on my OWN!!! :) I still remember k.madihah taking all this trip on her own and now I understand why and I think I may need them but still a lot need to be considered.

A list of things to do

InsyaAllah in 9 months time I will be leaving this precious place, where I learnt about hardship and good friendship. Being lonely and lost. Being kind and open and the list goes on. So I have decided to make a list of the things that I want to do before that day come which I will need to write up as dreams is meaningless without any effort and writing them is a good start ayy?

So first up: Go to a football match- I think I will wait for my sister to come and go with her as she would appreciate it more.

2. See a good theatre

3. Go to Turkey with my mom

ehhh, not sure what else, if you lots have any ideas do jot it down and share it with me. ain please I am sure have lots so come on :) I might bring you along if you are being nice.hehe.

O Allah do guide us, do not let us go astray. Ameen


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