Lailatulain Abbas- at your side

She is the one who can make me sad,
really sad,
but she is also the one who make me happy,
who will be there for me no matter what,
who knows me more than anyone else,
who make my day every day,
tomorrow would be one of the historical day in her life,
and I am not there by her side.

so sad....

O Allah, please make ease of everything, alhamdulillah YOU have make everything so easy so far, may her OP goes well. Ameen.

So many things had happened this 5 years that I have been away, that make me more confident with my decision to come home. I know what is important and that is what I want. So help me O Allah, keep me steadfast in this road and give Your blessings.

She tells me to make the best of everything, so I shall will,
I hope I could be there now,
I could imagine how worried and scared you are,
Since small, we always share everything together,
including our fair share of being sick,
do you remember how we used to have our asthmatic attack one after another?
unfortunately, not this one,
but with all my heart,
I pray that Al-Hafiz will take care of everything.

Maafkan kakak Ain, :(

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