An email from my dearest

I cried and nothing else should be said. Sayang Lailatulain, ya Allah Engkau kukuhkan hubungan kami, redha lah dengan kami, lorongkan kami pada jalanMU moga kami menjadi permata hati buat keluarga.ameen

The only one that can truly finishes my sentences, reads my mind and gives great advices for the little ol' me. She does not gives me what I want but gives me exactly what I needed because she knows how I am. She has been with me since the day I was born and even though we might not see eye to eye on everything but you sure do know how to make everything less complicated. Her faith in me is beyond this world and that faith of hers makes me feel more guilty than ever if I did anything stupid. I don't fear her, I just don't want her to be disappointed in me. In my eye, she's a role model, the one I had always wanted to be like. She manage to make me cry in seconds without much effort. She wrote a poem for me, once, I cried for the whole night. It was the sweetest thing anyone had done for me for the last few weeks. I wish she was here, sleeping beside me like she used to. I don't think anyone can handle me like she can because truth be told, I'm a spoiled brat. But only when she's around. With her, I feel like I'm this little sister and she's there to protect me, no matter what happens. She keeps me grounded and remind me of what's real in life. She loves me without hesitation, without any rules, without asking for a return. I miss her. So much. I know I hasn't been the greatest for her and that kills me. I can't believe she feels guilty for leaving me. Trust me sister, I am proud of you. Blaming you for leaving home is the least of what I feel. I am guilty for not being there when you need me, for sometimes having no mood to talk to you, for not telling you what's been happening in my life, and for not making you less homesick when you're there. I can't wait for you to be back and we can all go to the beach like we always do.

p/s tak kusangka my cutest thing is good in writing,jom Ain buat novel sama2. :) insyaAllah

em, hari ni Barcelona against ManU surprised I know bout it? so do I, it's been the talk of town that I,even I knew bout it.haih... adakah semua tgk match tu? esp muslimin? kuciwa, siapa tak tgk tolong bgtau,akan amat menghormati orang itu. namun manusia tiada yang sempurna, semua punya kelemahan, and I, I am his weak servant searching for strenght from HIM to continue on this winding road.


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