Untuk adik kakak yang tersayang,Lailatulain Abbas

Together we have grow up,
In me there is 23 years worth of life,
While with you it consist 19 years of my life,
You losing only 4 years of my little life,
Hence there is no secret between us.

At 20 years I depart from my other half,
Leaving her so she will be able to shape her own colors,
Seeing her fly while missing her smile,
Regret always been a men best friend,
But shall we not made that a promise my dear little one?

Please do remember,
No matter how far I am away from you,
My prayer and thoughts will always be near,
So please do remember that I am always here.

My dear little 'angel',
Please take very good care for yourself,
Guide HIM so HE will shield you from the world,
Find HIS mercy in those who has given the gift of life to you.

What I cannot change and has changed can never be undone,
That is what's written and nothing I can do apart to ask for forgiveness from you,
So please do remember,
In whatever you do HE will care for you,
And I will be with you when the time is right,
So just continue facing this overwhelmingly cruel life with a fight,
You never need anyone as we have no secret between us,
Thus I know you are as hard as dad mix with our mother's soft touch.

So please do remember,
What we had together,
May the memories live forever,
To give us strength to continue our life til the hereafter.

To my dearest sister, Lailatulain,

maafkan kakak di atas segala salah silap. I am missing you so, maaf ye for everything, for leaving you on your own, for putting a pressure in your life indirectly, for being a pushy and grumbly sis who never stop nagging :) jaga diri elok2 k, jangan lupa solat, rajin2 baca al-quran ye, never stop praying, hargailah masa yang ada dgn mak,E that's the greatest gift that I will never get.

Sayang ain.

Another song for you :)


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